100-metre-high structure
Alconera (SPAIN)
Tower Structure for Cement
Alconera (SPAIN)
Structure and facilities Carcesa
Mérida (SPAIN)
Jerez de los Caballeros (SPAIN)
Sports Complex
Badajoz (SPAIN)
Palacio del Vino y la Aceituna
Almendralejo (SPAIN)
Metal structures

NEMOIN creates, designs and constructs large-scale, complex metal structures. Our company was founded in 1984. Since then we’ve planned and built metal structures on an international scale. From industrial units to leisure centres, to structures for hypermarkets and all sorts of industries.
We’ve also carried out major projects such as steelworks, cement works, bio fuel plants and structures with variable inertia For NEMOIN each project is a challenge and we do the best we can.
NEMOIN undertakes the whole process, including design, manufacture, supply and set-up. This enables us to provide a fast, efficient and complete service.

Nueva Empresa de Montajes Industriales S.A. Ctra.Badajoz, Km 57,6 Almendralejo (Spain) +34 924 67 04 07