Moved by the heart
NEMOIN was born when a group of workers came together to unite their efforts in a joint project that they all believed in, all aiming at a better future. People who work with their hearts. People who give the best of themselves to every project they work on.
Looking after our environment
We don’t just want to create and develop projects. We want our children to continue having a world they can live in, somewhere they can grow and develop. That’s why Nemoin works with the utmost respect for the environment.
From Europe to the World
Our company’s working in more and more countries. From Europe to Africa. From Spain to Latin America. The way we work has meant that we’ve grown, not only in the size of our projects but also in geographical terms.
Nueva Empresa de Montajes Industriales S.A. Ctra.Badajoz, Km 57,6 Almendralejo (Spain) +34 924 67 04 07